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Nicole Egli

Owner, Sublimation Item Designer and Printer, Customer Service, Card Maker, Tag Engraver and Shipper.


Gabriela Egli

Our Inspiration, The G in NGB




Card Maker

Alfred Egli

Post Office Runner

NGB Crafts and Supplies came into being in August of 2018. The inspiration, motivation, the actual idea behind it has been in the making for quite a while now. Our story begins in 1978, when my mom Gabriela, my dad and I moved to Canada from Switzerland. Over the years my aunt Beatrice would make Christmas cards and send them to my mom as her Christmas present. My mom would always say the cards were so beautiful, my aunt should sell them.

A little information about my moms battle with diabetes over the years would help paint a more complete picture of our story. My mom was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 4 1/2. Over the years it would take a toll on her, her body and our family. On July 28, 1991 she received a kidney from a motorcycle rider in Edmonton. We will forever be grateful to him and his family for the sacrifice that they made so that she was able to live the life she did. He lived on in her for another 26 years. She spent 9 years on dialysis and lost her legs and two fingers to the disease. She never let diabetes win. In September last year, my aunt came over for a visit. And even though it took my dad and me to get her in the wheelchair, she mustered up the strength so that we could make cards altogether.

In November of 2017, she passed away. But her spirit lives on now in NGB. After being her caregiver for 10 years I decided I would start NGB Crafts.

My Aunt would always stocked up on supplies from Canada whenever she would come here or someone would go to Switzerland. This gave me the inspiration to sell supplies. I also now have a sublimation printer and make mugs and pet tags. I also have started making cards and paper crafts, along with my aunt. I know my mom would be thrilled with how far we have come and would be very impressed.